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Having payments past due and seeing your unpaid bills pile up is difficult for any consumer. It goes without saying that the last thing you need is to worry that Hydro‑Québec will disconnect your essential services. But did you know that, depending on your circumstances, you may be able to protect yourself from a service disconnection by Hydro-Québec with a consumer proposal or bankruptcy?

Late payments for essential services like electricity from Hydro‑Québec can be a major source of stress for consumers, who do not want their services to be disconnected. However, simple and effective solutions can be set in motion to prevent disruptoin of your electricity service. Although Hydro‑Québec cannot disconnect your service between December 1 and March 31, your bills will continue to accrue charges after this period, and you will be at risk of having your services disconnected.

Debt consolidation is one option available to you. It allows you to settle all your debts in a single payment, but it does not necessarily offer protection against service disconnection by Hydro‑Québec. However, bankruptcy and consumer proposals do offer the protection you need while you deal with your debts, and they enable you to completely settle your Hydro‑Québec debt and prevent a service disconnection.

Erasing Hydro‑Québec bills

There are several ways to prevent service disconnection due to accumulated bills and late payments. First, you can try to come to an agreement with Hydro‑Québec to settle your debts. You may be able to agree on repayment plan with the company and avoid disconnection. However, if they reject your proposal, or if the total amount is impossible for you to pay off, you still have other options available, such as bankruptcy or a consumer proposal.

A consumer proposal or bankruptcy will protect you from electricity disconnection for its full duration. Basically, a consumer proposal or bankruptcy will shelter you from your creditors and from service disconnections for those amounts owed. This protection will continue until you make the final payment associated with your consumer proposal or bankruptcy. Including debts for services such as Hydro‑Québec in the procedure protects you against service disconnections and frees you from debt.

Which is better: bankruptcy or a consumer proposal?

Hydro-Québec is not permitted to disconnect a consumer’s electricity service between December 1 and March 31. However, do not simply rely on the protection period provided by the law, since this protection will not be enough to settle your late payments. Consumer proposals and bankruptcy are the most comprehensive solutions for this kind of problem. Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LIT) make sure that you are protected and freed from your debt, whether your debt is recent or whether you’ve been carrying it for years. Bankruptcy and consumer proposals can both erase your debt with Hydro‑Québec, permanently preventing the company from attempting to collect it from you.

Bankruptcy, the most well‑known option, provides all the protection required to prevent disconnections and to settle your debts. A consumer proposal, unlike bankruptcy, will allow you to retain property such as your house and your car, and settle your debt in a single stroke—all while enjoying the same protections provided by bankruptcy. This is important to consider if you want to keep your possessions and find a more flexible solution. When it comes time to make the choice between bankruptcy and a consumer proposal, an LIT at Ginsberg Gingras can assess the pros and cons of each procedure to advise you on the best steps to take in your situation.

Prevent debt accumulation and service disconnections by Hydro‑Québec. Contact an LIT today and say goodbye to your debts.

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