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The importance of financial analysis


Completing a financial diagnosis can help companies and their managers find solutions. This is why we have created a rapid diagnostic tool accessible to everyone.

This summary analysis enables us to acquire a good understanding of the situation and draw on concrete data, meaning it will be easier to make cost-effective choices for your business and target effective means of action.

Obtain a rapid financial diagnosis

You must calculate the total amount of your monthly payments in relation to your
gross monthly income. The following table will help you calculate your debt ratio accurately.

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  • List of major creditors (suppliers, bank, governments, etc.)
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The advantages of financial diagnosis

Form can be completed in a few minutes.

Transmission of our observations and comments within 24 business hours.

Information is analyzed by a qualified person.

Privacy is ensured.

Diagnosis is based on your situation.

Quand faire un diagnostic financier?

We recommend completing a financial diagnosis twice a year or when financial problems occur. The main signs of financial difficulty are debt accumulation, payment delays, collection action by creditors, etc.

If you notice that your company is experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us before the situation deteriorates. We will propose solutions adapted to your company and can establish an effective plan of action.

Use our solutions to act


Our professionals know the solutions and understand how to build an action plan based on the results of a financial analysis. By entrusting your financial questions to our professionals, you can concentrate on the day-to-day activities of your company. Thanks to their advice, you will know exactly which solution fits best your company and the advantages of each:

The notice of intention is an emergency measure used to obtain a stay and to allow time to prepare a proposal.

proposal is a formal procedure that allows a business to repay its debts in accordance to its ability to do so.

Commercial bankruptcy is a legal process available to directors and business owners to put a definitive end to financial difficulties.

company restructuring allows for a turnaround plan to be crafted in order to attain profitability.

All financial problems have a solution

In business, a situation can quickly become agonizing when the results do not match your expectations. When your company experiences financial difficulties, it is our job to free you from your debt and your worries. By carrying out a complete financial analysis, our professionals can determine which actions need to be taken. So, whether you would like to act to improve your company’s financial situation or you simply want to know more about potential solutions, our professionals are available to help. Contact us to schedule a private meeting. From your first communication with one of our professionals, you will have a better idea of the solution that is right for your company, as well as the steps to take to achieve it.

If you are concerned about the difficulties your company is facing, a financial diagnosis will help you quickly understand the situation. This financial analysis will enable you to concentrate on solutions based on information verified by our experts. You will then be equipped to act with full knowledge of the facts and make the best choice for your company. We have designed a simple and efficient process: the rapid financial diagnostic tool.

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