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Pay off debts or save?

“Should I pay off my debts or save?” A question frequently asked by consumers.
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Can my student loan be included in a bankruptcy?

After years of study, entrance into the labour market is sometimes difficult. It is then normal to feel suffocated by
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How to prevent Hydro-Québec from disconnecting your power

Having payments past due and seeing your unpaid bills pile up is difficult for any consumer. It goes without saying
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Your ex-spouse is declaring bankruptcy? Here’s how it affects you.

A separation is an incredibly difficult period for everyone, not only emotionally, but also financially. Finding yourself alone to deal
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Make a repayment plan in 7 steps

A collection agency has contacted you about outstanding debt. Unfortunately, you can’t make the required payment. What can you do?
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Will rising interest rates lead to more bankruptcies?

The policy interest rate increase posted by the Bank of Canada generated a lot of talk last month. Unsurprising, since
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Should I use my RRSP to pay my debts?

Is withdrawing your RRSP to pay your debts a good idea? What a good question. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple
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Can power of attorney help you manage your parents’ debts?

When a person struggles to manage their finances, someone else may obtain power of attorney to assist them or to
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Six consequences of lending money to family and friends

What would you do if a loved one asked to borrow money? Would you do it at the drop of
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Do you know what to do if a collection agency contacts you?

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Choosing the right solution for you: consumer proposals vs. bankruptcy

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Information to Provide a Licensed Insolvency Trustee during a Meeting

Discussing our financial situation is not easy, especially when we are in debt. Some people are hesitant to meet with
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