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What is personal bankruptcy?

  • Legal process
  • Solution that leads to the discharging of your debts
  • Administered by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee (LIT)
  • Opportunity to rebuild a sound financial reputation

The bankruptcy process

Evaluation of your situation by a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, the only professional authorized to administer the bankruptcy process.
Some of your assets will be seized and sold to pay back your creditors.
Some assets are exempt from seizure.
Only one monthly payment until you are discharged from bankruptcy and released from your debts.

The benefits of personal bankruptcy

Allows you to erase your debts and make a fresh start.
Only one monthly payment.
Ends collection action by your creditors.
Free budget help sessions available.
Protects you against all legal proceedings, including salary seizure.
Pre-bankruptcy income tax return is prepared by the trustee.

Ginsberg Gingras, your debt solution

You have tried everything to solve your financial problems, but they remain. When you can no longer overcome your debt problems, bankruptcy may be a solution.

During an initial, free meeting, a Ginsberg Gingras Licensed Insolvency Trustee will analyze your financial situation. If the situation calls for it, he or she will recommend other solutions to address your troubles.

If bankruptcy is the only option, he or she will support you and answer all your questions.

You’ll regain financial freedom and can count on his or her support throughout the process.

Regain control of your finances now