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Is your company experiencing financial stress?

Knowing the warning signs will help you act quickly to end financial stress and limit its impact. If you are facing this situation, a professional can help in improving your understanding of solutions so that you can make the right choices. The key is to take action, regardless of your goal.

What are the first signs of financial stress?

Marked reduction in volume of business.

Delay in production.

Lack of liquidity.

Loss of a major client.

Elevated debt ratio.

Falling behind in tax and source deductions payments.

Sustained increase in debt towards suppliers.

Notice of enforcement from the bank.

Receipt of overdue accounts letters.

Frozen bank account.


If your company is experiencing one or more of these financial problems, our professionals can support you. They will establish profitability projections for your company and show you the actions you can take to achieve those projections.

How can my company overcome financial stress?

Ginsberg Gingras Licensed Insolvency Trustees (LIT) are qualified to implement solutions to the financial stress of companies.

Their expertise assures that you will receive effective advice about the proposal, company restructuring, and even commercial bankruptcy. Your LIT will recommend the best solution for you and help you see it through to the end so that you can reach your goals.

To do this, they will analyze your company, target the sources of financial stress, and prepare a series of effective actions. They will also assess the company’s assets and liabilities to gain a better understanding of its financial situation.

They will recommend concrete actions you can take in a defined period. Their advice will notably help you to:

  1. Save jobs.
  2. Increase profits.
  3. Modify operations.
  1. Limit expenses.
  2. Reorganize debts.
  3. Study possible financing pathways and capital investments.

Recover profitability

A company turnaround demands a strategy that is adapted to the particularities of that company. Our professionals can develop a turnaround plan composed of a series of concrete actions. The goal is to eliminate financial stress, make corrections to prevent it from occurring again, and provide the necessary tools to preserve the company’s financial health.

To benefit from a consultation with a Ginsberg Gingras professional, fill out the appointment form or contact us directly by telephone. The solutions to your financial stress exist and we will determine the best adapted for your company.

If you want to close, bankrupt, or sell your company


For some, ending the company’s activities is the preferred pathway. Regardless of the reason, our trustees and administrators can establish the best option and minimize impacts. Thanks to their tailored advice, you will have everything you need to rapidly apply the steps with full background knowledge.

Rest assured that our trustees will be a reliable partner for you and your company.

Contact one of our advisors if you are considering a company restructuring.

At any time, they are available to answer your questions and help you make the right decision.

Fill out our quick financial analysis form or the appointment form that follows for a consultation.

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