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Advice from people who look at your debt like it’s theirs

Whatever the cause of your financial stress—be it a run of bad luck in business, market instability, divorce, the inability to cover your expenses, loss of a job or a key client, or one of many other reasons—we’re here to help. Our online consultation tool is designed to quickly and efficiently get you, and Ginsberg Gingras, on the right path to resolving your debt problem, no matter how challenging it may seem to you at this moment.

Online consultation step-by-step

  1. This service is entirely free.
  2. Filling out the form only takes a few minutes.
  3. Your information and debt status will be analyzed by a qualified person.
  1. A professional will provide a diagnosis adjusted to your financial reality.
  2. You’ll be able to access the observations and suggestions in less then 12 business hours.
  3. Confidentiality is guaranteed.
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Why consult a Ginsberg Gingras professional about your debts?

Consulting a licensed insolvency trustee (LIT) is the best way to obtain advice about resolving your financial situation. Perhaps you simply want to better understand your finances, need recommendations to help you avoid bankruptcy, or want a smart strategy to pay your debts with the least possible disruption to your life. Not only will consulting us answer your questions, but we stand behind these Ginsberg Gingras promises:
A reassuring, warm, and personal approach.
The services of an LIT that you can trust to listen to you.

Professional advice from a proven and reliable source.

No commitment or obligation on your part.

From the moment you submit the form, we’re on your team.
Once you have filled out the form and your situation has been analyzed, a Ginsberg Gingras licensed insolvency trustee (LIT) or administrator will quickly get in touch. You can arrange to meet this professional at a time that’s right for you and in complete confidentiality. With their recommendations, the solutions to your debt problems will seem clearer and easier to actualize.
Reimburse your debts without bankruptcy.
Often, bankruptcy is not the only option. As LITs, we’re well equipped with both experience and strategies to help you reimburse creditors and avoid bankruptcy. Our goal is to help you resolve your debts without impacting your quality of life. We take the time needed to understand the issues, answer your questions, find real solutions aligned with your repayment realities, and help resolve your debt problem so you can reset and restart.
Personalized follow-up
Once any solution or plan has been initiated, we’ll schedule a budget meeting in the months that follow to discuss how things are going and address any of your concerns. Your Ginsberg Gingras LIT can also offer recommendations to prevent debt problems from arising in the future.
Feel relief from the very first meeting.
From the very first meeting, people who consult with an LIT to resolve financial problems experience great relief. Their stress level, feeling of guilt, and debt fears all begin to fade.
When debts are high and insolvency inevitable, we’re there.
At your request, our professionals are available to support you throughout your process of getting out of debt. If a consumer proposal or bankruptcy is inevitable, our LITs can provide all the support you need. They’ll take care of communications with your creditors and negotiate with them while vigorously representing your rights. You’ll only need to make one monthly payment to the LIT, who’ll be responsible for allocating amounts to your various creditors. You’ll be freer to focus on retaining or regaining your quality of life, without the worries of managing your debt resolution.
“Whether for businesses or individuals, every situation is unique. Therefore, our solutions are also unique and tailored to each situation.”
Valérie Bruneau
Licensed Insolvency Trustee - Ginsberg Gingras

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