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Student debts are one of the main concerns of millennials. Canadians benefit from relatively affordable access to higher education, which is now the norm for aspiring to a stable career or a well-paying job.

Financial Obligations

In many cases, the costs associated with this education weigh more and more on the budget. The pressure experienced by new graduates intensifies when you add the costs related to housing, transportation, and other regular expenses coupled with rising inflation. Some might be forced to make  tough financial choices.


This financial burden forced upon a new graduate will impact future decisions. Whether it’s buying a first home, having children, or even choosing to pursue a career in their field of study.


Once the degree is in hand and after finding a job, it is now time to start repaying the student loans. When you add credit card debts, car loan payments, and the cost of rent to student debts, it’s sometimes often hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


There are various solutions to free oneself from debts and a fresh financial start. Many misconceptions are floating around regarding the fate of student debts in bankruptcy or a consumer proposal, so it’s essential to consult a Licenced Insolvency Trustee for clarity.

Not all student debts are the same!

A free and no-obligation virtual meeting with a trustee or a counselor from Ginsberg Gingras could reduce the stress of repaying these debts.

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