Inexpensive Vacation Ideas to Avoid Getting Into Debt!

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Inexpensive vacation ideas to avoid getting into debt.

Inexpensive Vacation Ideas to Avoid Getting Into Debt!

The debt ratio of Canadians stood at 171% in December 2017. That means that, for each dollar earned, Canadian households owe $1.71. This factor will certainly have an impact on numerous families when the time comes to plan their vacations. In fact, a CAA-Québec survey shows that 36% of the Quebeckers who did not go on vacation this past winter based their decision on budgetary grounds. This is an increase of 8 percentage points from the previous survey.

Note: This post was updated on May 10, 2018.

Fortunately, even though the terms “vacationing” and “spending” rime, there are some means to enjoy an inexpensive summer by putting into practice numerous suggestions, including the following.

Inexpensive vacation and activities ideas

Pay a visit to your relatives or friends

If you have some relatives or friends living in a different region from yours, you could take advantage of your vacations to pay them a visit. If they have enough room to host you, you will then even reduce your accommodation expenditures. Not to mention that, while reconnecting with your relatives or friends, you may have an opportunity to discover at low cost the attractions of a new region.

Attend outdoor concerts or film projections

In summertime, many municipalities and community organizations organize free outdoor activities. Those contribute to stimulate neighbourhoods and foster good neighbourliness. Such activities often include concerts or film projections in parks. Visit your municipality’s Website to see its summer program and to find out activities scheduled during your vacation period.

Visit museums

It is possible to visit many museums absolutely free of charge. In many instances, there are no admission fee during predetermined opening hours. One should however expect that the visitation rate will then be higher. On the other hand, it is generally possible to find discount coupons in travel guides.

Go to parks and enjoy the water play areas

Organize a neighbourhood parks tour for your smaller children. Today, some of these facilities really look like amusement parks, with their climbing equipment, their slides of all sizes and their water play areas.

Enjoy public beaches

There are numerous public beaches in the provinces of Québec and Ontario. On a lovely sunny day, gather bathing suits and towels, folding chairs and good novels, with a Frisbee and other games. You will then have everything you need to enjoy, free of charge or almost, a beautiful day at the beach.

Go camping

Camping remains without doubt one of the most popular summer activities, given that it suits practically all budgets. Almost anyone who has a tent or a motorized vehicle can enjoy camping. It’s even possible to rent a yurt. Not to mention that most of the time camping grounds offer their own activities on-site.

Go fruit picking

If you like berries, take advantage of your vacation to go fruit picking. Not only will you then have lots of fresh fruits to eat but also, you’ll be able to bake and cook with your family.

Go cycling or hiking

Cycling is another usually free activity that most people can practice. If you do not have your own bike, borrow one from a friend. Otherwise, go to an establishment that rents bikes, or to a community organization that lends them.

Cycling and hiking, which may be suitable to everyone, can be performed for relaxation or competition purposes. They can be practised alone, or with family or friends. You can go for an hour or a whole day. In fact, biking and hiking are activities that can easily fit in any vacation plans.

Examine your balance sheet

Summer is also a good time to examine your balance sheet. Review your budget or create one if you did not have any. Make a list of your debts and determine the time you will need to reimburse the total amount due. Learn to recognize the warning signs of financial difficulties and, should the need arise, do not hesitate to consult a Ginsberg Gingras professional.

Enjoy your vacations and keep on reading us!

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