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Should I use my RRSP to pay my debts?

Is withdrawing your RRSP to pay your debts a good idea? What a good question. Unfortunately, there isn’t a simple
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How Important Is It To File Your Tax Return?

Some people avoid filing their annual income tax return. Regardless of their reasons, they are exposing themselves to penalties or
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Will We See More Bars And Resto Bars File For Bankruptcy In 2016?

As of February 1st 2016, bars and resto bars will be required to generate bills for each transaction by using a
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Non-Dischargeable Debts: 6 Types Of Debts That Are Hard To Break Free Of

Consumer proposals and bankruptcy are meant to allow people to solve their debt problems.
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Solutions to Income Tax Debt Problems

Once you have completed your income tax return, you may discover that you owe income tax debt. However the amount
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Income tax debt, recovery options, interests and penalties

As a Licensed Insolvency Trustee, year after year I see firsthand how much income tax debt come to represent a
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