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June 2018

Can my student loan be included in a bankruptcy?

After years of study, entrance into the labour market is sometimes difficult. It is then normal to feel suffocated by our student loans that seem overwhelming. The accumulating interest and the payments that start and add to the other obligations do not allow everyone to pay as we would like our student loan debt. Is bankruptcy an option to clear one’s student loan when one is unable to make the monthly payments? (more…)

October 2015

June 2014

Student loans a financial burden for young adults

Student loans – a financial burden for young adults

The first signs of summer are finally here, and college and university students across the country are winding up their classes. For many of them, it will be time to leave higher education with one or more qualifications – a college diploma, a bachelor’s degree, a master’s or even a PhD. For some of them, however, their celebrations will be shortlived because they will now have to start paying off their student loans. (more…)