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January 2017

How to Repay Holiday Debt

The holidays are a time for celebrating and sharing. However, they are also a time of spending more than planned. Even when you set a gift budget, costs relating to travel, gas, and food can quickly increase the bill. As a result, many people notice their debt has increased after the holidays. If you are concerned about your holiday spending, here are some tips to help you put an end to indebtedness. How to repay your holiday debt quickly Calculate the amount due Before beginning repayment, it is wise to know your total accumulated debt. Your first step should be to list all your bills and calculate the total. Take all the amounts representing debt into consideration. These may include credit cards, lines of [...]

February 2016

planning christmas

Planning Ahead For Christmas 2016: 4 Tips To Avoid Financial Stress

Did Christmas break the bank this year? Did you swear to never again get stuck doing things at the last minute? Planning Christmas in advance not only saves you money, but also reduces stress. Here are four tips to help you get started on planning for Christmas today. (more…)

December 2015

11 ways to resist christmas consumerism

11 Ways to Resist Christmas Consumerism

The spirit of Christmas is embodied in values like family, love, friendship and sharing. With a bit of time and good planning, it’s possible to have a memorable Christmas without spending a lot of money. Resorting to consumerism doesn’t guarantee happiness. It’s a good idea to avoid this trap if possible, because once you step foot in it, it can be difficult to get out. (more…)

December 2014

fun holiday season without hurting budget

Have fun this holiday season without hurting your budget

We all want to take advantage of the holiday season to enjoy activities with family or friends. But this period of celebrations often proves to be very expensive. Gifts, meals at the restaurant, entertaining guests at home, travelling expenditures to visit relatives or friends, have for consequence that there is now and then much less money to pay for other activities. (more…)