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Serving you for 40 years

This year marks Ginsberg Gingras’s 40th anniversary. 40 years of helping debtors and creditors in Quebec and Ontario. 40 years of consultations and solutions to help resolve your debts.

From the very beginning, Ginsberg Gingras has stayed true to its values of dignity, respect and trust towards consumers and creditors. Each of our employees promotes our values, which is a point of pride for us. We care deeply about your financial health, as we have for 40 wonderful years!

The great Ginsberg Gingras adventure started in December 1979 with founder Claude B. Gingras and the support of Mr. Joseph (Jos) Ginsberg from the Ginsberg, Gluzman, Fage and Levitz accounting firm (now known as GGFL), who opened their first two offices in the region, specifically in Ottawa and Hull. In January 1980, the firm started to serve other regions of Quebec.

Seeing the necessity of offering its services elsewhere, Ginsberg Gingras opened its first office outside of the National Capital Region in 1992. This second office was established in Rimouski. However, the grand ideas of founder Claude B. Gingras didn’t stop at Rimouski, and the company expanded quickly over the years.

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During the 1990s and 2000s, Robert P. Racicot, Richard Cadieux, Chantal Gingras, Pascal Gagnon and Stephan V. Moyneur joined the firm. Each of them became an important player in the firm, not only through their many different community involvement efforts but also through their work as Ginsberg Gingras associates. They all promoted not only the profession of licensed insolvency trustee, but also the firm’s values. 

Eight years later, in 2000, the first Montréal office was opened. Several other offices would follow in this region of Quebec. 

The year 2003 was significant for the firm for several reasons. In fact, it was a turning point in Ginsberg Gingras’s history: the firm’s licensed insolvency trustee professionals helped their 50,000th client solve their debt problems. Seeing the increase in demand, Ginsberg Gingras opened an office in the Quebec City region in 2004

In 2006, the firm received its first recognition award, an Excelor Award in the “Social Responsibility and Sustainable Development” category. This award is given to the business whose main goal is to meet the needs of its members or the community, among others. Receiving this award once again demonstrates how important Ginsberg Gingras’s mission and values are. 

On January 1, 2013, Ms. Chantal Gingras succeeded Mr. Claude B. Gingras as president of the firm. Having worked in the company since 1993, Chantal’s expertise in commercial and personal insolvency was an unprecedented advantage for Ginsberg Gingras’s growth. Her involvement in the community and in the professional association set the firm apart over the years. She also encouraged her colleagues and partners to do the same in their communities.  

A few years later, at the 2019 Annual Conference of the Canadian Association of Insolvency and Restructuring Professionals (CAIRP), Chantal was awarded the title of Fellow, the highest distinction in a professional association. She was awarded the title not just for her shining example in the profession but also for her contribution to the practice. Notably, she was involved in the development of “Best Practices” and “Operational Standards” in the profession, two major advances for insolvency professionals. The same year, the vice-president of Ginsberg Gingras, Stephan V. Moyneur, was awarded the Outstanding Volunteer Award by CAIRP for his exceptional services rendered to the association and to his community. Stephan is an active member of the association and sits on several boards of directors for community organizations in his region. He is also very involved with insolvency professionals, especially when it comes to the National Insolvency Exam. As such, he is working with the association to train the professionals of tomorrow. 

The lead-up to 2020 marks Ginsberg Gingras’s 40th anniversary. After many years helping you resolve your debts, we are proud to give you our support year after year, regardless of your financial situation. With about 40 offices in Quebec and Ontario and more than 100,000 satisfied debtors, we are looking forward to 40 more years of providing insolvency services with passion and determination.  

Ginsberg Gingras, serving you for 40 years.

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