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People never choose to get over their heads in debt, and there can be many different reasons for this. Yet, regardless of the particular reason, we all want to recover our financial stability.

Recognizing we’re in financial trouble and seeking help is very often the most difficult step to take. That’s why consulting a Ginsberg Gingras trustee in bankruptcy is the first and most important step on the road to financial recovery.

In a nutshell, here's how we can help:

  • Free consultation
  • Discretion assured
  • Customized diagnosis
  • Debt problem solutions
  • Protection from creditor's attempts to garnishee your wages or take other legal action.

So, to get rid of your debt load and start anew, just click on one or more of these buttons in order to:

  • Complete the online consultation form
  • Learn more about the solutions available (bankruptcy isn’t the only one)
  • Find the Ginsberg Gingras office nearest to you.


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